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At Essential Oily Home, we take pride in all our hand-crafted essential oil products.  

I have used aromatherapy products for myself and my family.  We have experienced positive results.  I appreciate the opportunity to provide my customers with the same type of products that I use day to day.  I want you to discover the wonderful benefits of natural, plant-based products aromatically and topically.

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I welcome the opportunity to work one-on-one with you.  Through consultation, I can advise and create specialized products targeting specific needs.  I enjoy seeing someone benefit from holistic aromatherapy when they have not had success in other areas.

When you choose to have a consultation or place an order from me, you will build a relationship directly with the person creating your products, which is very different than ordering from a large corporation. 

Products are created in a smoke free, animal free and sanitized environment.  
I use pure essential oils with therapeutic properties and other plant-based ingredients.  The essential oils I use are from companies that provide GC/MS testing results to ensure purity and that they are not adulterated.   I choose suppliers for all other ingredients based on the finest quality, who are extremely reputable.  

Safety is a priority, as essential oils are powerful and need to be used properly.  Any safety concerns are printed on the product labels.  Safety concerns are also stated on the products that you will view on this website.  

I look forward to working with you and offering products that will support you physically and emotionally and your well-being.


Naturally Synergized Wellness Solutions.
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