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Mosquito Season in the USA

Depending on your region, it may be time for the dreaded mosquito season. Mosquito bites are universally disliked due to the itching, discomfort, and potential health risks they pose. They are a nuisance to almost everyone and can disrupt outdoor activities, making them an unwelcome part of the warmer seasons.

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When is Mosquito Season in the US?

Northeast Region

Mosquito Season: Begins mid-April to early-May and ends mid to late-October.These pests come out for the shortest period of time in the Northeast region of the US. This includes New England, NY, NJ, PA and Connecticut. Typically once you reach the end of October, you guys have it made! But don’t get too comfortable, your warm summers bring the mosquitoes out in full force. There is no shortage once they move in.

Southeast Region

Mosquito Season: Begins as early as February and doesn’t end until November.

The southeast area of the US is hot, humid, and typically experiences mild winters, unless you live in the uppermost segment of the region like Virginia. So, this should come as no surprise that the south has some of the harshest seasons when it comes to these insects.

According to, being the warmest and wettest section of the country, the south allows the perfect conditions for breeding. Unfortunately, your relief is only an average of two months out of the year. Any Floridian knows that there is little relief at all. In fact, Florida is likely to have mosquitoes breeding all year long.

Midwest Region

Mosquito Season: Begins between April and May and ends in October.

This may be one of the most interesting sections in the country climate-wise. While this area experiences brutal winters, their summers are hot and muggy! By this point, we know that hot and humid means mosquitoes. Surprisingly, the Midwest tends to report more mosquito-borne diseases, like West Nile Virus, than any other part of the country.

Southwest Region

Mosquito Season: Begins between February and April and doesn’t end until around November.

Similarly to the Southeast, this region has a longer season than other parts of the country. Although some of the states have desert-like conditions, they are not exempt from the bloodthirsty pests. Remember, these bugs only need a small amount of water to thrive! The Arizona Department of Health Services suggests that you check for standing water every week during the season.

Northwest Region

Mosquito Season: Beginning mid-April and ending early-October.

Finally, we wrap up the continental US with this region. The timing in this area pretty much mirrors the Northeast region. You all are fortunate to have a “short” – and I use that term lightly – season. Thankfully, the rainy season doesn’t directly align with mosquitoes, or this would be one of the worst places for these pests. Whew!

Hawaii and Alaska

Alaska Mosquito Season: Between June and August.

It comes as no surprise that Alaska rarely has a problem with these insects. However, they do have a type called the northern house mosquito, which is the most common type found in the northern region of the US.

Hawaii Mosquito Season: Right conditions year-round.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is most similar to south Florida. When you think of this state, you imagine warm, sunny weather, lush greenery, and breathtaking beaches. Because of that, Hawaii has the right conditions for these bugs year-round.

What Time of Day Do They Come Out?

Experts say the time of day they are most likely to attack depends on the type of mosquito. Generally, they like to avoid direct sunlight because it can lead to dehydration. Therefore some species are most active during the early morning before the sun is completely out, while others come out in the evening when the sun is going down. The general consensus is that you are most vulnerable around dusk.  Warberg Block, Kari (June 16, 2020).  What Time of Year Do Mosquitoes Come Out?

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