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Youthful Bliss

Youthful Bliss

SKU: Anti Aging Face

Youthful Bliss is made with Avocado 🥑 oil, Coconut 🥥 oil, Bees 🐝 Wax, Vitamin E and  Frankincense and Carrot Seed essential oils.  1 oz,  or 2 oz glass jar. 


For your face as time goes by.  

What is it about Frankincense essential oil that we love so much?

It certainly does have a lot of therapeutic properties. It's one of the best oils for helping skin cells to repair themselves, which makes it a popular ingredient in blends to heal and reduce scar tissue, and to use in facial cleanser recipes. It's great for the care of mature skin.


A trusted study analyzed carrot seed essential oil’s antioxidant properties suggests that it might be beneficial in cosmetics as a rejuvenator for aging skin. 


Glass Jar 



  • Application

    Before bedtime, wash face and apply to face. 

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Glass Jar
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