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Peppermint Essential Oil Roller helps support increasing energy, combat headaches, sooth sore muscles & stiff joints.

Peppermint Roller

Peppermint Roller made with Peppermint 100% essential oil  blended with choice of jojoba oil or coconut oil

* Help Increase energy

*Help combat headaches 

*Help sooth sore muscles & stiff joints


10 ml roller


  • Safety

    2% dilution, do not use on children under 5 years old

    Test patch on skin before use

  • Application

    Peppermint essential oil  with jojoba oil or coconut oil  

    * increase energy - apply to the back of the neck and shoulders repeatedly to keep energy levels up during the day. 

    *headaches - massage it onto your temples, the back 

    *sooth sore muscles & stiff joints - apply on the affected area three times daily

    *stress - temples, forehead and around your sinuses

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